Make an Eco-Friendly Decision When You Order Promotional Bags

Posted on: 15 June 2022

When you're browsing the website of a promotional bag company to decide which bags you want to customize and order for your company or organization, you'll commonly see a number of eco-friendly options. Choosing bags that fit this description can be a good idea in a number of scenarios. For example, if your business or organization has somewhat of an environmental focus, eco-friendly promotional bags will be in alignment with this mission. In other cases, you may simply like having eco-friendly bags to hand out because people who receive these bags may appreciate your environmentally friendly approach. Here are three eco-friendly bags that you'll often find available from promotional bag companies.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

There are lots of companies that collect plastic bottles and then turn them into various products. One of these products is a bag, which will commonly feature some type of wording that explains how the bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. Given that many people have concerns about plastic bottles ending up in landfills and/or the ocean, this can be a type of bag that people appreciate getting from you. Even if it has wording about its origin on one side, you'll be able to put your company or organization's branding details on the other side.

Recycled Cotton

Another type of bag that is often available from promotional bag companies is a product made of recycled cotton. This is another eco-friendly option that can be a good choice to hand out. Recycled cotton bags come in several different forms, including cloth bags that people can use for carrying groceries and other items while shopping. You'll typically have the option of choosing a light colour, which can make your company or organization's details really stand out, or going with a bag colour that suits your branding.


Lots of promotional bag companies have bags that are made of jute, which is a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly. Jute bags are typically tan in colour, but you can add a splash of brightness by getting your company or organization's information printed on them in a bright hue. Some of these bags can have coloured fabric handles, too, which you may wish to match to the colour of your branding information. Jute bags are popular for all sorts of uses, including carrying books, children's items and more. Consult a promotional bag company to learn about what eco-friendly products it has available.